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my story

and what I have learned and realized along the way


Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Elementary School

That I was going to the NBA

That I was good with numbers

That I was always asking why


Northern Secondary School

High School

That I was not going to the NBA

That I loved being creative

That these were going to be lifelong friends 


Western University

Bachelor of Health Sciences

That giving less than 100% was a waste of time

That I was intrigued by the business of healthcare

That I wasn't quite done with school


MaRS Innovation Incubator

OtoSim Inc. & Bedside Clinical Systems

That "real life" was around the corner

That you need more than just a great idea 

That the word innovation gets thrown around too much


University of Toronto

Master of Health Informatics

That the potential of digital health gets me excited

That Toronto is the best city in the world

That I was done with school (for the foreseeable future)


KPMG Management Consulting

Manager, Digital Health

That any company's greatest asset will always be its people

That consulting is equal parts rewarding and frustrating

That there are plenty of healthcare problems yet to be solved


Maple (

Director, Strategy and Business Development

That virtual care is essential to any modern health system

That selling to health systems is an absolute slog

That the sky is the limit for this company

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